One of the worst wrecks in
New Hampshire!

Towmasters of New Hampshire
is creating this unique and challenging training event
Don’t miss this opportunity!

Oct 9th and 10th, 2009
New Hampshire Fire Academy
Concord, NH

Being staged is a multivehicle collision involving 25+ autos and big rigs. Featured will be very challenging, yet realistic scenarios including overturns and underrides.

This full scale scenario will conclude the BIG RIG RESCUE program being presented by Billy Leach, Jr. Billy is both a national and international presenter and developed the trademarked BRR program. He has presented for FDNY’s Technical Rescue School, Firehouse Expo, LA County FD, FDIC, and many others.

Beginning Friday evening with a comprehensive classroom session, responders will learn The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns & Underrides. An extensive course manual will be provided to each attendee.

Saturday will offer the opportunity to interact with high-powered professionals from Towmasters during the actual extrication of victims trapped in the autos. First, responders must stabilize the big rigs as found then gain access into the autos. As a part of the discipline, responders will work with air bags/cushions, winches, struts, and cribbing plus hydraulic extrication tools. Massive heavy duty recovery vehicles will be involved in the extrication process as well.

A unified command will be established and utilized during this large scale incident. Come and perform as part of a team! Learn how to ‘triage’ a vehicle.

You’ll learn the best tools and techniques to stabilize and lift big rigs once they’ve overturned onto smaller vehicles. Also, you’ll learn alternative extrication techniques useful in underrides such as ‘trunk tunneling’ and the ‘pickup truck slice’.

The information you gain from this training can be used by any agency involved in extrication. Unfortunately few training programs such as this exist. Maximum hands-on opportunities are being planned.

For more info. please contact:

Donald “Hulk” Gagnon
Rochester Truck, Inc
8 Flagg St.
Rochester, NH
Telephone: 603.335.2084