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    Exclamation For South Carolina lurkers - VSAFE Grant vetoed

    Subject: Immediate Legislative Action Needed

    Please pick up the phone today and contact your Representative and your Senator regarding the VSAFE BILL S.364.

    The Governor has vetoed the bill and we need our elected delegation to override the measure.

    For additional details on VSAFE, please see the Association web site.

    Please assist the many departments around the state that will benefit from this measure by calling today.

    Got this from the State FM's office just now. $30k in equipment, no match. Remember this was out in 2007 but canned for 2008 and now in 2009 again unless the veto gets overturned. This app is a dang near carbon copy of AFG so if you filled that one out you can do this one too.

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    Thumbs up Overuled...

    An update for SC departments, both houses voted to override the veto from the Governor so VSAFE is now law. Details on application timelines will come from the SC FM's office. For those that missed it in 2007 it's $30k in no match grants for whatever you need, obviously the emphasis on PPE but everything including vehicles is eligible.

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    Default V-Safe SC

    This is a great grant for the Volunteer fire departments of SC, it would be a GREAT thing for alot more states to do for the volunteers. Our department got in when it was first out for PPE and communications and without a match it was great.

    The only thing that i have known, is it may be law, but subject to available funds to run the program. So if they dont have the funds they dont run the program.

    lets keep our fingers crossed.

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