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    Default Top Departments in KS?

    Looking to relocate to KC area to be closer to family. I am currently a LT/PM in Florida and looking for good departments in that area. I define good by good pay, good benefits, and good ops.

    Does anyone offer a 3% multiplier in the state, seems like all I have seen is 2 and 2.5%?

    So far I have looked in to OP, Lawrence, Lenexa, Shawnee, anymore???

    MO is not an options as my certs wont transfer.

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    In the KC area, I know Leawood just had an opening a little while ago. I dont know if its still open. All of the depts in the KC Metro area are good depts. At this point, no one really has been hiring lately. KCKFD hired a bunch last summer. I have not heard of anyone else possibly hiring anytime soon.

    One other option is Ft Leavenworth. I hear they are wanting to hire 8-10 guys. They are a little bit north of the cities you have described, but still an option. They get paid a good amount. Their schedule is a little bit different from the Berkley that everyone else in the metro area works, but its still a nice paying job.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
    Your a daisy if you do.

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    I work for Consolidated Fire District #2 in Northeast Johnson County, KS. Our website is www.cfd2.org

    I think we have decent pay, nice equipment, and nice stations. We do not do any patient transports, so we do not have active medics. We are all EMTs. We do make a hiring list once a year, so not sure how that would line with your time-frame. It's worth looking into...

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