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    Exclamation New York News Alerts (NYNA)

    New York News Alerts was founded February 2009. We page all incidents related to Fire, Rescue, EMS. Trauma, Traffic, & Transit. All incidents are paged from our state of the art CAD (Computer-Aided-Dispatch) System to any e-mail address or mobile device.

    New York News Alerts is looking for a few dedicated dispatchers to send out alerts through our system. Soon we will have a Dispatcher Rewards Program in place for dispatchers who send out the most pages. To become a dispatcher please visit http://www.newyorknewsalerts.com and click on "Dispatch For NYNA"

    New York News Alerts is also looking for people, media and bussiness to subscribe to alerts sent out by NYNA dispatchers. To become a subscriber please visit http://www.newyorknewsalerts.com and click on "Subscribe to NYNA"
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