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    Default Firefighter I and II?

    I am planning on getting my firefighter I and II as soon as I get out of AF Technical School. I want to get it in the shortest time possible (at most 2 months). I have been looking at the onine program at trainingdivision.com but am unsure about the program and the ability to transfer my certifications to the states of PA and NC. Lately I have been considering attending a fire academy but i am having trouble finding any good info on one. any imformation to help me make a choice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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    I want to get it in the shortest time possible (at most 2 months).

    I know in Louisiana its not possible the one im staring in less than a month is 5 months long. with hazmat awareness and operations. Its probably not possible unless you do it night and day and on the weekends and every waking moment you get.

    My concern is cramming all that information into just 2 months and retaining it it sounds to me like an accident waiting to happen

    my advice is to take your time with it and actually learn the material through your state fire academy. they know whats best for you.

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    Nothing wrong with going for FFI and FFII close together.

    For studying purposes, most of the essential books are written for I and II and there is no notitaion as to which material is for which tests in the text.

    For testing purposes, you will see a lot of FFI questions on the FFII test.

    In fact I would recommend taking them back-to-back. Though 2 months may be awfully compressed.

    As Rayville said, here in LA you have to take Hazmat Awareness and Operations before you can take FFI. If that is the case where you are, the 2-month time frame is unreasonable.

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