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    Default Ballistic Recovery Chutes

    Hey I was looking through some certalerts tonight and came across one from 2004 that covered ballistic recovery chutes. The following article was part of it. This is some really good info even for non ARFF folks since these aircraft could fly through just about anyones response area. Reminds me of a lot of the issues these days with air bags in vehicles. Be safe out there!

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    Saw these on a show on the military channel and had to go the internet to learn some more.

    They have just gotten FAA approval in 2008 and are making them and selling them as I write this!

    Very good info my brother!
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    Not sure if they are still available but a few years ago I was able to get a copy of an "Advisory Guide For First Responders" from Mike Busch at the following web site.
    It is about a 20 minute presentation on the BRS systems, hazards and safety precautions. I currently use it when I teach ARFF

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    We had an ultralight crash on a ranch last year. They had their own grass runway and crashed on takeoff.

    Most of the ultralights around here have the ballistic parachutes. It seemed like I was the only one who recognized the container and wanted to make sure it was safed properly.

    Thanks for the link to the training materials.

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    These ballistic recovery systems worry me. I predict some plane crashes that would have ended decently without them ending much worse with them. Deploying a popping that chute is essentially giving up all control of the aircraft and leaving your final point of impact up to the wind and gravity. I would much rather land/crash where I choose, not where it happens to end up.
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    Hi there, we don't have much to do with the airport. We are called out in case of a dangerous situation, they happend now and then, but we are something like 4th - 5th due, not including the airports own rescue force. So we usually get cancelled enroute after the plane has landed safely.

    We have gotten briefed about the operations in case of the unthinkable and drill it a little as well. A much more realistic scenario however is an ultralight airplane going down in our first or second due area and we have to go find it and do the rescue. We called the chief at the airport and he showed us the hangars with the small planes and explained about the chutes and the danger areas. I recommend the same to all who might have to do with it.

    EDIT: I corrected a small humorous typo: chef -> chief
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