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    Default Microsoft Access

    Does anyone have a Microsoft Access data base that tracks Meetins, training ect? And would be willing to send a copy to me? eagle5473@aol.com

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    I have designed a DB for my department, started with Access and have migrated to a SQL backend with the Access front end. I am an IT Director so it probably sounds a little complex if you are not at least DB intermediate. I believe I still have a copy of the Access version but it is customized for our department. It is setup for training, apparatus and station maintenance, runs, firefighter personnel information, radio inventory, hose inventory, apparatus inventory, hose testing, air pack inventory, reports and a few other small items. I have started to incorporate it with NFIRS but that is proving to be a little mroe difficult than expected. I can attempt to removed the customizations of the tables and graphics but I am afraid it will not help much. My suggestion is to get the Access for Dummies book (horrible title but it is a good book). THat way not only will you have your DB built the way you want it but you will know how it works, why it isn't working and how to fix any problems that can arise.

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    If you would not mind sending a copy I could at least look at it it might work If I just use some parts of it.


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    Default Save your time

    Being a volunteer with an extensive background in computers, I can only suggested that you move away from your databases and purchase a commercial product to support this need. There are several companies in our industry that will support your needs and in the long run make it easier for your members to use. The problem we found when we used individual databases, designed by one member, it was not easy to follow when our IT person left the organization and more time was wasted trying to collect data and manage it correctly.

    Your time is money so invest in your organization by purchasing an already developed tool and spent more time leading your people and developing new members.

    Stay Safe

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