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    Default Vehicular Repeaters - Pyramid vs. Vertex

    We're getting ready to install UHF-to-VHF repeaters in our apparatus, and need to choose between the Pyramid SVR-200 and the Vertex VXR-1000U. They will use Kenwood TK3180 portables, and be interfaced to Kenwood TK-x90-series VHF high & low dual-band mobiles. We are looking for the ability to repeat back onto any frequency chosen on the dual-band mobile.

    The Vertex is less than 2/3rds the price of the Pyramid, has a 3 year warranty vs the 1 year on the Pyramid, and can transmit up to 5 watts vs the Pyramid's 2 watts.

    However, I've heard in the past that Vertex is junk. Despite all the advantages listed above, would it be best to avoid the Vertex? Most of our area departments have used Pyramids for years.

    Experiences with reliability, performance, options, flexibility, ease of use, etc are all appreciated.

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    We have 4 pyamids and have had 0 issues with them working with Motorola equipment.

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