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    Default Spoke with recruiter about Air Force FF

    Hi I am 16 years old, turning 17 in august and very eager to sign my DEP to become a FF in the AF. I spoke with my recruiter for the first time, and at first she told me (she must have thought i was 18) the only jobs open right now are mechanical jobs.

    I told her I was willing to wait because the only job I want is firefighting. She told me she cannot make guarantees, but that it would be smart to join DEP on my 17th birthday and to wait for a slot to open up. She was very understanding that this is ALL That i want to do in the AF. I made it clear that I want no other job in the AF.

    I also mentioned that I volunteer at my local station and that I am enrolled in the fire academy which means by the time I graduate HS i will at least have my FF I and FF II. Can she make a guarantee based on the training I will have? I heard of something called competency booking?

    also how long can i expect to wait in the dep? what happens if one year runs out in the dep and no job opening? do i reenlist?

    She also told me that for active duty stationing, i get to make a dream sheet of top 8 bases, and as long as my job is there, which FF is at every base, I will get the base.

    Also what is the guranteed enlistment program and the softbook program? how do they tie into DEP? thank you.
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    First off recuiters get a lists from their commanding officer of what jobs they want them to fill they will make any promise or offer to get you in that position most of which you find is BS when you get in. They also can give the job you want so if they're being hard headed and won't budge go find another recruiter. This is also what I want to do so I've been doing my homework.

    Good luck

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    I wouldn't count on the Air Force having enlisted firefighters at every base, they have been hiring a lot of civilians into those positions. At the base near my home, I am pretty sure the firefighters are all civilian.

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    If all you want is firefighter...don't settle for anything else. Wait for a spot and GET IT IN WRITING!!!!!!!!
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    you dont reenlist in the dep... if the job isn't there, you wait. your not actually enlisted until you've arrived at lackland afb, tx and inprocessed. anyway, you are right in that every base has firefighters... however, like stated above, not all are military. as a matter of fact, a good portion of air force installations are only civilian. im not too sure of the exact number.

    there are quite a few of bases that house military and civilian but most are overseas. my advice to you is that you select overseas bases when you do your dreamsheet up. i didnt want to go overseas when i enlisted at all and i put all west coast bases. they sent me to ramstein air base, germany.. best durned 4 years of my life! you will get alot of experience and training overseas. dont sell youself short by staying in your hometown your entire enlistment.

    as far as having ff1 & 2 already, it might help as far a college credit and getting a higher rank (E3 vs E1) but im pretty sure it wont affect you getting a ff job in the air force... youll still go through all of the dod fire academy. i heard about challenging blocks of training and all that but im not sure if they even do that anymore. regardless, you would still be selling yourself short of getting any additional training.

    i commend you on holding your ground! if ff is all you want to be, then by golly wait until they make you one.

    good luck and dont hesitate to ask if ou have anymore questions!

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    My suggestion is don't even dep in until that recruiter calls you back saying "Hey, we have that slot you want." The Air Force is notorius for depping you in, give you a piece of paper saying "What other 5 jobs would you think about doing" and then all of the sudden you get a call from your recruiter saying your going to basic tomorrow, with the chance of being a fire fighter.

    Trust me, you'll get a call eventually because the recruiter wants you,it may take a bit, but eventually your going to count for their numbers none the less.

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    I agree, but you may be waiting a while. The FF career field is actually overmanned right now.

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