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    Hi, I'm workingonmyCIB. well, i will be in a month. I'm here because as part of my predeployment workup, I think it's mentally necessary to be kind of escapist and wonder about jobs I might really like to do if and when I get out. right now I'm here for a little bit of info, if I pursue this professionally it will be a little while. I don't ETS until May 2011, but that wouldn't stop me from doing something like applying for the next FDNY test. It's cool not being geographically tied down anywhere. My ETS timing would also set me up for maybe a summer on a wildfire crew out west (I think both are valid and, in my mind, fun/cool options).

    if anyone is wondering I'll be workingonmyCIB near Kandahar

    also, anyone who's transitioned from active duty military to FF, any thoughts/regrets? How are departments about allowing you to drill with the guard if you're in academy?
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