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    Hey everyone, Im new to this forum and happy to be a new member. I was wondering if anyone knew of any part time openings for columbus fire (ohio) or the surrounding areas? thanks a lot

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    Hey, I am a former Columbus Firefighter and CFD does not have or offer part time employment. I am also a former Washington Township Firefighter of Dublin, Ohio, and they do offer part time employment. Check with them. There is also Worthington, Westerville, Mifflin Township, Clinton Township, and Plain Township. I can tell you, these are paid positions and are tracked towards a full time "potential" opportunity. In Ohio, the positions are competitive, so the tests are just like full time positions. They are NOT volunteer positions, so do not take the application processes lightly. The physical agility exams are tough as well. Bare minimum, you will need to obtain an Ohio FF II and EMT B card. To get hired full time afterwards, you will need to obtain an Ohio Paramedic card. I hope this information helps.
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    thanks. i am currently and emt-b and ff I & II and will be taking my medic program in sept. thanks i will check into those townships to see if anybody is hiring right now. just looking for a place to get my feet wet with

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