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    Default Claustrophobia and the Worm Tube

    This is a thread I started on the "Probie House" forum. In case you haven't seen this video, check it out. Some of you will be going through this exercise one day.
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    A lot of people have asked me about the difficulties of the job. One problem many aren't aware of, is claustrophobia, and its potential to instill panic in the firefighter. This can be dangerous and even deadly.

    Why claustrophobia? Working in the intense heat of a fire - that heat can feel like a heavy mass surrounding and drawing down from all sides. Add the obvious restrictions imposed by your PPE; the face mask; and finally, the total darkness encountered in many structure fires. And there's your demon, lying in wait for the right trigger to release it.

    People will have varying degrees of claustrophobia. Do you have it? Can you control it? That is the question every firefighter and firefighter hopeful should ask themselves.

    Check out this video called: "The Worm Tube" It shows how one department tests its recruits for claustrophobia. Here's the link:


    Rob Bieber

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    I'm glad that somebody brought this up and even though I have never been through this type of training I have had to go under a truck and take off my SCBA in training. A very educational video. Thank you

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