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    Default Switching over from Military

    Anyone out there made the switch from active duty to fulltime FF? Any advice or thoughts? How old is too old (I'd be 27ish by the time I got a job)?

    Also, how receptive are most department to being in the National Guard (if I wanted to stay involved in the Army)?


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    I know folks who came on the job in their 40's, and have had a lucrative career since. Some departments may have an age limit, each department is different. You'll have to check that out yourself.

    I was in the Naval Reserve when hired, it never affected my job in the negative. In the hiring process, you may get a few extra points for military duty. This can give a slight advantage over other candidates. I believe fire departments are not allowed to hold reserve duty against you. It is a national law.

    Good Luck,
    Rob Bieber
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    i am in the army reserves.

    alot of companies(not to sure about FT FF) wont hire reserves and national guardsman now because they are too worried about you being gone all the time. they cant do it by law but you have to prove thats the reason they wont hire you.

    so be careful what you still say about your commitment
    Joseph Sullivan

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