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    Default Rit Training & Power Point

    I am in the process of creating a power point presentation and training for RIT. I'm looking for any kind of information. I want to write the Presentation to fit our need but also i'm having a hard time getting some good information. I'm looking for examples of PowerPoint Presentations, SOP/SOG's, and some fields exercise. if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated! my email is menafire623@yahoo.com

    Thanks again Aaron

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    Our area recieved RIT training from a program at the Apple Valley Fire department in Southern California. The training and presentation was some of the best training ever. In the course of a weekend we learned alot. It had excellent hands on and classroom training. I would contact that department. They came 600 miles north to put the training on. We all felt by far that there program was the best we had expirienced. I dont remember the guys name who put it on but Pm me and I will try to get the information for you. I have to find the guys card.


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