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    Default Davidson, IA Head to Head Demo

    I heard there was a head to head demo with 4 or 5 100' Rear mount platform manufacturers in Davidson this past week. Was anybody there? Who took part and what was the outcome? Did anyone refuse to take part?


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    Default DenisonTruck Demo

    It was in Denison Iowa. I did attend. Easily had a couple of hundred people watching, firefighters from all over Iowa and beyond, plus the general public. There were 4 Vendors present, Pierce,Smeal,E-One,Crimson. Due to the Chief's stipulation any company wishing to submit a bid was required to be present at this demo with a truck. No truck no bid. All vendors present had several factory reps. on scene as well as customers.
    Every company showed very well, all showed strengths and weaknesses in certain evolutions.
    Denison FF were allowed to ride and drive all trucks. 1st evolution was nose uphill working from rear and side on a steep paved street. 2nd evolution was nose down working off the front. 3rd evolution was negative angle off rear into the local river.
    Again ALL trucks showed well, a couple better than others. A decision will be made by October.

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    Default Head to Head

    I am the Chief of the Denison department. The head to head went extremely well. Each truck showed their strengths and weaknesses. It was quite an experience. Yes, there were a couple of companies that refused to attend.

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