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    Default Diffrence between Charlie, Delta response?


    I'm new to the volunteer scene and just became a full member about 3 weeks ago after serving probation for 3 months. I am very new to fire codes and perhaps you can help me out?

    I know Alpha,Bravo dispatch is for minor incidents. Such as cuts, minor burns and other non-life threating issues. Is there a diffrence between a alpha and bravo response?

    Charlie and Delta. I know these are used for serious incidents such as Car crashes, Motor cycle wrecks, general illness and such. Is there a diffrence between a charlie and delta disptach as well? Here is a example. Today we had a Motor cycle crash with a Motor cycle vrs a deer. It was dispatched as a delta response. Is this used when severe trauma may be present? Must of the time we mustly get dispatched ad Charlie so this was unusual dispatch to me.


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    Your state or county should have a breakdown on each level. We the Alpha to Echo also but each letter also has a number after it which tells what it is.

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    It's likely to be a little different for each dispatch.

    If you are using the Omega-Echo protocol, it could be like this:

    OMEGA = ambulance only, no lights or siren for transport request to a hospital or just an assistance call. Usually for lift assist calls.

    ALPHA = No lights or siren response for a BLS ambulance
    BRAVO = Lights and siren response for a BLS ambulance
    CHARLIE = ALS & BLS response, no lights and siren (depending)
    DELTA = Priority ALS & BLS response, serious injury / medical
    ECHO = ALS & BLS response for life status questionable (Full cardiac arrests, traumatic arrests)

    We still use the old Alpha-Delta system on the industrial side around here, and the differences by injury classification are:

    Alpha - Non life-threatening where time will not affect patient outcome. (band-aids and non-acute illness)
    Bravo - Non life-threatening where time may affect outcome (i.e. acute illness, minor fractures and/or immobilizing injuries due to pain).
    Charlie - Potentially life-threatening where time may affect outcome (i.e. Major fractures and blunt trauma)
    Delta - Life-threatening of highest priority (cardiac arrest, respiratory difficulty/arrest, etc.)
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    In Montgomery County, MD at least.............

    Alpha and Bravo calls are BLS dispatches as well as some Charlie calls. Most Charlie, all Delta and Echo calls are ALS dispatches. Any Delta or Echo call type requires 2 ALS level personnel (EMT-P or EMT-I) in any way ECC (dispatch) can do it based on call volume or units available.
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