My husband and I just returned from the NOVFA Firemans Convention held in Whitehouse Ohio. I have to say that the Firefighters/EMTS/Police/Convention Officers/everyone else involved in making it happen did a great job!! The Friday night cruise was a good time, not the booze fest it was rumored to have been 5 or 6 yrs ago! We took our 1932 REO Speedwagon pumper and it kept up with all of the new trucks in the cruise, it was a blast! We even gave a ride to one of our local fire Chiefs and he had a great time blowing the whistle and ringing the bell.
The convention isnt all about drinking and beads, its a chance for the older and retired firefighters to catch up with their fellow firefighter of years gone by. Its also a chance to "break in" the rookies. Which we did, we had one of our newest members with us, and his eyes just lit up!
Anyone else have stories to share from this yrs Convention??? I really am interested in all of the pictures that were taken the whole weekend.
I had one favorite group of ffs...Catawba Island...awesome truck and a awesome group of people!
Jami Meller