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    Default Different kinds of straps for TIC??

    A couple of guys at my department are researching different kinds of easy access straps for our TIC. The one that comes with our ISG Tailsman hangs down more that most of us would like(12"strap with a carribener to attach to something on our gear). We were thinking that some kind of retractable strap with a carribener would be really nice to have. Does anyone have any thoughts or knows of some place to look?

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    Just wanted to find out i know you posted a while back but ISG has a retractable gearkeeper for the TIC now also Gearkeeper itself has some stuff. Let me know if you need help finding information our company is a dealer of ISG.

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    MSA also makes a very strong retractable lanyard, you might want to look into those.

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    The MSA lanyard works great. I don't have a MSA TIC, but I got one of their lanyards on my Bullard.

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