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    Quote Originally Posted by EatTheRoof View Post
    Well I guess I should have posted it this way.ATTENTION SARCASM ALERT-The following text will include the use of sarcasm any relation to non-sarcastic posts is unintended and in no way reflects the views of the author.Now that we have that out of the way ,I'll try again.

    There's no way you can put this volume of fire out with an 1 3/4" handline! I mean seriously no way! no how ! I mean doesn't this say it all.

    Memphis I believe if you read the whole post and view the video you will agree that we see things in exactly the same light.
    My bad. I am normally pretty good at picking up on the sarcasm, but I completely missed it here. Perhaps it was the time of the evening.

    I see it now. Welcome to the boards.
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    Management is making sure things are done right. Leadership is doing the right thing. The fire service needs alot more leaders and a lot less managers.

    "Everyone goes home" is the mantra for the pussification of the modern, American fire service.

    Comments made are my own. They do not represent the official position or opinion of the Fire Department or the City for which I am employed. In fact, they are normally exactly the opposite.

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    Thanks for the welcome Memphis.I think we will be agreeing on alot of things by the looks of it.New to the boards but not the Fire Service.I've been a frontline FF for over 20 years on a big city Fire Dept. and have always chosen to be in the busiest and toughest areas of the city.I lean toward the Truck side of things but have crawled into my share of Burning s***holes.To get back to the subject at hand and the point I want to make is....it is one thing to read about something and a quite another to put it into practice or see it put into practice.Formulas are nice for the laboratory,when you spec out a piece of equipment or fire suppression system but in the field I'll take the judgement of an experienced front line firefighter any day.Yes ,you could fight this fire with a big line(2 1/2" or larger) and that's just fine, but don't tell me this is "BIG" fire and a 1 3/4 " handline is contraindicated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgfdlt7 View Post
    The house is a total loss. This is a risk versus reward type fire. Protect the exposure, fight the fire away from the power line, risk nobody for a house that is going to see the wrecking ball anyway.
    It would not have been a total loss if they would have put the fire out.

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