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    I am pretty sure that AFCESCA requires that an evaluator be assigned to a trainee at the time of CDC enrolment but does the trainee also get an assigned trainer. Also where can I find this info.

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    When performing your CDC / practical, AFCESA requires that a certifer / evaluator signs the paperwork as well as the candidate. There is nothing that I have read that requires a trainer to be assigned. However, it's the responsibility of your training chief to ensure you have a qualified trainer providing you the necessary training. As you complete the CDC, that information will be logged into AFTR. The trainer, certifier and candidate will all digitally sign the record.

    You department should have some type of managament plan that spells out exactly what is required in terms of training assistance for you when taking CDC's. I would start at your training chiefs door and ask him or her. Of no answers there, move up the chain and ask your Supervisor, Assistant Chief, Deputy and eventually Chief if it need to go that far. If all else fails, contact AFCESA directly.

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