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    Anyone have any information about Fayette County and Clayton County Georgia? I am thinking of moving into the area and was wondering what one of these two would be a better department. Does anyone have some information about the departments? Anyone know anyone that works in those 2? What's morale like? Whats the department like? Thanks in advance.

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    I currently live in Fayette County and have lived in the area for 18 years. I am currently looking for a change after being at my city department for 10 years, so I have done some homework. In 1998 I went through Fayette's rookie school as a volunteer. Would've hired on there but driving record wasn't good enough. Glad I didn't. Until recently they have been one of the lowest paid departments in the area. I have since revisited the idea of working with them. They have a good reputation for EMS which is all validated. They are one of the best EMS departments around. But a medic will be stuck on a bus for around 10 years from what I hear. There is no room for advancement because the department has no room to grow. It is maxed out. The benefits, mainly retirement are not great. The morale there is horrible from what I've gathered. Everyone I talk to except my friend who works there hates it or simply says, "It's a job". Not where I want to work.

    Clayton county is a little better. Morale there is mediocre. It is a larger department but there is still the whole being stuck on a bus till you die. They have a high turnover rate from what I hear, so there is room for advancement and they do compensate you a little more when you are an acting officer. They also pay pretty decently. The county itself is very trashy. I would chose this dept. over Fayette.

    Honestly, there are few departments that are hiring, and even fewer that are worth investing in. Gwinnett is the best around and growing like crazy with adding more stations and personnel in the upcoming years. I would also check Cobb which is another top notch dept. If you want to stay on the south side, Henry is really good, just doesn't have the best retirement. If city is your game, check some of the northern cities like Sandy Springs, Milton and John's Creek. Hope this helps.

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