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    Default PacMule Truckmans belt: The good, the bad, your opinion

    I have seen the PacMule belt and I can see the advantages, and disadvantages. I would like get other opinions about it.

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    I have one and it can be a great tool, but it can get "trapped" under your scba and become useless in so far as being able to use the side tool holders, if you don't unsnap them before putting on your air pack. The extra padding in the back is nice but my lower back as never hurt from wearing an air pack, my shoulders have but never my lower back. The bail out ring is nice but you can always fast rope instead if you know how. or you could use the harness that comes with your turnout gear, if you have the new type of pants. All in all I like the pac-mule but at the same time, its one of those nice items that you really don't have to have or need. But hey its your money brother. I hope this helps.

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