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    Default Test question

    Was wondering the best way to answer those odd questions..

    A penny is a nickle and a nickle is a dime, therefore, what is true about that statement?

    Can anyone help??

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    The penny is a dime.

    That is how you should honestly answer the question. They are wanting you to be quick on your feet and not sit there and ponder on EVERY question. Answer questions quick but intelligently. Take a deep (to your self) breath and answer with maybe a 3 second pause after the question has been asked.

    If this is on paper.. then just write "the penny is a dime."

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    WhoTF asks this question??!!
    Are you applying for "Philosopher"?

    Seriously now, was this part of a psych test?
    I think these questions are geared toward seeing if you'll make an inferrance or logical conclusion. Similar to saying "Apples are to oranges. Oranges are to bananas. Therefore bananas are to....(apples)". Very basic here, but you see the format.
    Think of it as association and common bonds.

    Good luck,

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