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    Exclamation Sunny Point Army Terminal Firefighter Job

    Does anyone have any contact information for the fire department at Sunny Point, NC? I recently applied and made the list and I would like to call the department to see where I stand. Thank you.

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    I live 20 minutes away from there. Two of the guys on my vollie crew are ff's at Sunny Point. Another was just offered a job with them this week. I hear they are ready to hire quickly due to short staffing. Let me ask around and I'll PM you.

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    1. You should post this in the Federal and Military FF's Forum.

    2. Calling the FD to ask your standing is not a wise thing to do. However, dropping off copies of your paperwork (federal application, resumix paperwork, resume itself) along with a cake or pie or two, while wearing a suit and tie, is allowable. Making an appointment with the Fire Chief or the Assistant Fire Chief on duty to do this is allowable. But don't just call the Fire Department and ask. Even if they knew they probably would not tell you.

    (FYI: The Fire Chief gets a list of names and their credentials, and he numbers them in numerical order of preference based on the qualifications and experience/training. Then Personnel will contact you with an offer.)
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    Thanks PAJ

    FWDbuff, thats was my intentions. I am a federal firefighter in DC now, so meeting the Chief in person is a little hard. I was hoping to call him directly to further express my interest and possibly fax him more information if need be. Thanks for looking out. Do you work there?

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