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    Default A National Fire/EMS Information Network starting

    Hello. Im new a new user to firehouse.com I'm getting on several of the forum boards on the internet to make contacts and get feedback on information sharing between departments.

    I am the Chief Information Technology Officer for Nlets (www.nlets.org) , a public safety network which connects all 50 states and any Federal Agency with a law enforcement component together for interstate exchange of driver's license data, criminal histories, warrant hit confirmations, homeland security messages, interstate amber alerts, gun checks, etc.

    I have been working for several years to try to bring the fire community (including volunteer departments) into the law enforcement tent of information sharing. Working with several fire departments in the southwest ,we have put together a not for profit organization to build an information sharing network for fire that is similar to what we have in the law enforcement sector.

    The not for profit is called IFERNET. (International Fire And Emergency Responder Network.) All of the board members including myself are volunteering their time and efforts. There is representation on the board from the Phoenix Fire Department, LA County Fire Department, Maricopa County Sheriffs Office, and ARJIS (Automated Regional Justice Information System) in San Diego to name a few.

    The first step was to build an IFERNET internet portal and build a mechanism to get key information (such as DHS Homeland Security Alerts) from the law enforcement network and out to the Fire/EMS. We will be using things like SMS text and twitter to alert firefighters when a new message posts. We have teamed up with NIXLE www.nixle.com to share information from the fire network out to the public as needed.

    The portal also provides several databases such as Hazmat, Weapons of mass destruction, Chemicals of concern, etc. We are building an automatic incident command center capability as well as a method for agency heads to broadcast messages to their men and women at the station or engine level. We hope to provide an online CAD system for volunteer departments in the near future. There is an area of the portal that will be for firefighter to firefighter communication as well as law enforcement to firefighter communication. We are also building an area to share and transfer equipment as well as an area to promote fire fighter owned side businesses.

    The portal is and will always be FREE to all firefighters, EMS, and first responders. Please accept this post as an invitation to register to the portal at www.ifernet.info

    Due to the nature of the information provided on the portal, all registrants will be vetted with their agency and current employment will be enforced.

    I apologize for the long first post. I truly believe that this new organization will help bridge some of the gaps between Fire/EMS and the law enforcement community and will ultimately help save lives and protect property

    Thanks for the opportunity to get the word out. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at frankminice@ifernet.org

    Frank Lewis Minice
    CITO Nlets www.nlets.org
    President IFERNET www.ifernet.info
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