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    Default Consindering going overseas

    Hi, I am considering going overseas to either Iraq or Afghanistan. I was hoping you guys would be able to help with some information. Can you still get a year in with WSI before the military pulls out? Has anyone heard of Sallyport Global in Iraq and how much do they pay and how long is there contracts? Who has contracts in Afghanistan and do they pay has much has WSI in Iraq. I went over with WSI in 2007 and really enjoyed it. But with all the talk and new political climate Iím afraid my contract might get pulled before itís up. I have 8 years at the fire department I currently work for and they would definitely not hire me back a second time so I need to make the full year. Any information would be great, I really want to go back and that money.

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    Default Several factors to consider

    If your FD definitely WILL NOT hire you back, then it might be best for you to stay there.
    I know guys that went who were promised they'd get back on their respective departments when they got back home after their "year" and due to the drastic change in the economy, their positions were the first ones axed in first and second round layoffs.
    If you go and spend a year and then return to the States, then what?? No F.D. job, very few departments are hiring at the moment.

    If your still set on going no matter what, Afghanistan might be your best bet. I'm not sure what WSI/WSLLC status is, or how much longer that will last, given the current political climate. But one big question: Do you have ARFF? KBR is currently hiring for Afghanistan, and I believe a few positions in Iraq as well (Green Zone) but it is significantly harder to get on with KBR than it is to get on with WSI/WSLLC. For KBR: www.kbrjobs.com There is also Dyncorp as a possible contract. Also, do you have military firefighting experience? Thats a huge bonus if you try to get on with KBR.

    I spent 18 1/2 months with KBR Fire and it wasn't bad. I had one of the best supervisors I've ever worked for in ANY job (he too left KBR shortly after I did) But the experience was great. I would've stayed longer, but just didn't want to keep doing the contract thing. I exceeded my goals, and that was enough.

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