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    Question Bullex System Fire Extinguisher Trainers

    I am looking for the good, the bad and the ugly in regards to the Bullex fire trainers... Has anyone actually used these trainers and can compare it to the real deal????

    I have been teaching fire safety for the past 15 years using the conventional burn pan and dry chem extinguishers. Yes, very messy but it provides my students, (not firefihghters) with the heat, the smoke, and the powder from the extinguisher, etc.

    In reviewing the Bullex systems, I really dont see much more than a flame dancing on top of water! Oh and the cost, WoW!

    Thanks for any and all information!!!!!

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    My fire company just purchased a set of extinguishers a couple of years ago and we could not be happier. Every year on the Friday before fire prevention week, we hold one of the largest expo in our county. For years, we used dry chem.

    Some pros: only requires propane, flame is controlled by a remote switch (if while doing a demonstration for children and they cannot find the sensor to extinguish the fire in an adequate time, just release the button and the flame goes out), very clean set-up and break down, and no need to acquire a large quantities of dry chem extinguishers. Also, you can set the system to challenge even the most experience firefighter. Can be use indoors.

    Some cons: Need to train members as a team so extinguishers can be filled quickly and efficiently, need enough propane for the event, very sensitive and not much room for error when aiming at the sensors.

    In regards to paying for them, you can probably get it through a grant or check with your congressperson.

    Hope this helps.

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    We have the complete setup. We have 4 extinguishers the burn pan, plus al the props (electric motor, sauce pan, garbage can). The system we have has a rechargeable battery pack and a hose that attaches to our scba to repressurize the extinguishers.
    It is a much cleaner way of doing extinguisher training. Extinguishers act like like powder but spray water. We have had no issues with the sensors. Some times you can end up with a fireball when the propane system doesnt fire immediatly, but more of a setup / training issue.
    Overall an excellent training sytem. Cargil foods donated the sytem to our department.
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    We have the burn pan and 6 extinguishers. it works great for techniquic. It is very easy to set up and use. You don't have to worry about fuel splatter like you do with deisel. I would recommend it.

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    Thumbs up Funding Sorce for BullEx Systems?

    Cross posted from another thread:

    I thought it might be worth mentioning that we were successful in using about $6800 in excess funds from our FY 2008 AFG grant to get a BullEx ITS system.


    The grant guidance document "Excess Funds" section explains what you need to include for fire prevention activities amendment requests.

    You are only allowed 4000 characters to explain your amendment - so you have to be pretty efficient in your explanation and justification of the request.

    Our experience was that an AFG staff member reviewed our amendment request, called us on the phone to ask a few questions, and we were approved to expend the funds in a little over a week from the time the amendment was submitted.

    I really think they are just looking to see that there is an established plan for the equipmet once it is aquired.

    Over All - A Fairly Painless Process!
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