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    Question Speed Tech Lights

    We are replacing the halogen rotators light bars on two of our engines with LED. We have two forward facing and two side facing on the cab. We want to use Speed Tech but are not sure we can. Where is the flash patter controller? Is it in the light bar itself or in the control head? Can we just apply power to the bars using a switch in the cab like the old ones, there will be four on each truck? The STL guys were not much help.

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    Speed Tech Lights are nothing but cheap knock-offs of decent products. They are not of decent quality. Any fire department or agency that's outfitting their equipment with product from STL needs a good ***-rearranging.

    I install, maintain, and troubleshoot warning equipment as a profession. We're talking anything from police cars to tower ladders and everything in between. There's a reason why PROFESSIONAL install shops don't waste their time with companies like STL.

    You will also find that no manufacturer will sign off on NFPA compliance for warning systems using STL. I've been asked to do installs with STL equipment, and I refuse. I've seen the failure rates, I've seen the (lack of) quality in their product, and I refuse to install their products. You will have zero customer service, no support, a poor warranty, and you will have reduced warning using their components. They're made cheap, using stolen designs from other companies.

    Do your research, STL isn't the answer. Stick to Whelen, Code 3, Fed Sig, and Tomar. You're going to pay more up front, but what's the difference between spending $4000 one time, or $2000 multiple times?

    You need to look at the manufacturers that offer NFPA compliant warning systems. This includes white cut-out, candlepower requirements, etc. In this case, the NFPA is your friend.
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    Rescue is 100% right!! Stay far far away from STL. If you don't believe us head on over to www.elightbars.org and do a search for STL. They also have a for sale forum and lots of dealers/distributers that might be able to help you.

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    When specing apparatus lighting stick with the big names: Whelen, Code 3, Federal Signal, Tomar and Soundoff Signal.

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