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    Exclamation firefighter with epilepsy?

    My twin brother wants to be a firefighter, but there's just one problem: He's got epilepsy. It's well controlled with his medication; he hasn't had a seizure in almost four years. Can he ba a firefighter?

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    I am sure different departments would have different policies, but having a medical clearance from his Doctor would help him when he went to apply. He should be honest about his condition with whatever department, volunteer or career, that he applies to.

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    Default Think twice

    I had a good friend over 20 years ago who had epilepsy and wanted to join the army. The regs said if he was off his meds for 3 yrs with no events he could join. He was still in college and was a life guard, he had went 2.5 yrs with no problems. He was working alone one day cleaning the pool and had a seizure, they found him in the bottom of the pool. The middle of a fire would not be the time to find out if your meds are not working. The number of things happening at a fire scene (flashing lights, mental and physical stress) would be a Pandora's box of potential seizure inducers. Just a thought and take care

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