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    Quote Originally Posted by Triper View Post
    Hey, semi-new volly here. Just today we had a 10-50 where we were required to shut down a major highway for 15-30 minute periods at a time. (An 18 wheeler trailer carrying a full load of wood chips buckled as it went over a bridge.)

    Anyways, it came to my attention that not everyone will be happy with everything you do, when I was threatened to "have the police called on me" because I told him he couldn't go through. He asked for my name and whatnot, I obliged and a few minutes later as I was driving the truck past, out of my rear view I saw the 1-finger salute greeting me! Boy, had I hit a nerve! Apparrently the county sheriff (who is also dispatch) told them the same thing I had.

    I'm just looking for some tips on how to deal with stupid/unruly/******* people that you may encounter during an incident. Feel free to share any good stories you have too!
    I'm pretty new to the volly field too (1 year). You just need to keep in mind that it's a chaotic world out there. Some people cannot handle it and have went haywire.

    In these times you'll need to brush these people off. Don't take anything personally, and walk away from any provocative demeanor.

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    Unhappy God loves rude a**holes... he must...he made so dam* many of them

    The good thing about rude and unruly people is that there are so many of them.
    You have 2 choices in a situation like you described

    #1. Descend to his/her level of idiocy [lets be honest here ...being an a**hole is not gender exclusive]

    #2. Be professional and firmly repeat your instructions

    #1. can be satisfying and even fun....it's difficult to pass up the opportunity to make some delusional idiot's life a bit more difficult.
    Nothing cheers me up like watching a self important goose sit in a traffic jam for an hour,particularly when he has been making life hell for the people who are trying to keep him safe![You know the type "I have a meeting with the Governor,Town Council etc......or I'll have your job for this! You work for me!!!]

    The downside is that delusional self important pieces of fluff [of both sexes] have MUCH more practice in being obnoxious.You are going to lose on pure experience!

    Now #2 is not really as much fun but is the more pleasing in the long run.You can try to explain the reasons for a delay or not [your choice] but in the long run you have the call.
    Generally speaking I try to inform the lead vehicles of the reason for the delay but NEVER try to guess a time frame. If [and when] it all goes pear shaped then you look less than professional.

    Incidentally I use UHF to communicate with the semi trailers that use the roads most affected by delay so that if they want they can catch up on an hours rest at the side of the road or take an alternative route they have ample warning. The word flashes up and down the highway that there is a blockage and miraculously traffic eases.

    An interesting by product of that is that the self inflated "Mr/Mrs/Ms Important" usually doesn't carry such a "low tech" device as a [UHF] CB and my warnings don't go to "Blackberries" or such devices.
    Kinda neat to see the trucks and the others taking detours because of prior warnings AND the puffed up pieces of cr*p trapped in a tailback.

    But if I learnt one thing in 26 years as a F/F and Officer it's this! NEVER EVER lose your temper.....and NEVER EVER lose your sense of humour!

    Keep smiling

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    Had an incident this past weekend with a guy who's impatience could have cost him his life.

    We were called on a possible transformer fire which, when I arrived on scene, was a live power line on the ground. I was responding in a POV and had closed off one lane next to the live line. The truck was right behind me and pulled up within a minute or so of me shutting the lane down.

    While giving the driver, also an officer, a brief scene size up, a motorist behind our truck decided to pass the truck on the right through the grass. He had not even waited a literal 5 seconds before deciding to pass. Needless to say, his pickup had a live power line entagled in the undercarriage. I was still looking through the cab of the truck when I noticed his pickup coming to a stop. My eyes immediately noticed the line strung under his truck. He was jumping out of the truck before I could even react. Since I was initially on the scene by myself and had curious bystanders, I had informed them that it was a live wire and to please remain back. In unison, I and 4 bystanders yelled "live wire" to the guy exiting his truck.

    He exited safely. Once the scene was under control, I had a polite discussion with the gentleman who was driving the pickup. He was more shaken than I was, and I had been thinking that I was going to see this guy cook as soon as his feet hit the ground. He had two kids and a wife and truly understood why you don't pass emergency vehicles by the end of our discussion. He had assumed we were responding to a fire at a house across the street. His initial reaction to seeing the wire in his mirror, was to hop and and disentangle it. His assumption may have very well cost him his life.

    I do not think he will ever be passing an emergency vehicle again, no matter how much of a hurry he might be in. If I had lost my cool, as I was very tempted to do, may very well have prevented his acceptance of the ignorance he had demonstrated. Always look for a teaching experience if it presents itself. I guarantee you this gentleman will be rehashing his story. It may well save a life.

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    first, where were the police? Shouldn't they be handling traffic

    My suggestion? Just do your job and if the public doesn't like being inconvenienced, well too bad. Try to not let it bug you, too much.
    "If the ladder goes up, the building goes down."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breech31 View Post
    first, where were the police? Shouldn't they be handling traffic
    Where I live the police call us for traffic control. There are a lot more of us than them.
    FF-II/EMT-B/Incident Safety Officer/Photographer
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    I work literally 100' from the interstate just outside of ATL, and we have had to shut down the interstate several times....FD is in charge of things until it is completely clear.. PD or not...It doesnt matter... if that inconveniences anyone then that is their problem for not planning ahead.. I have more important things to do. If someone threatens ME with legal action for doing my job, I will be more than happy to ask PD, SO, or GSP to go after them to see what their issue is...not to mention the deck gun option....

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    We just had a situation similar to the one posted by Gotdesl...

    A power line had been pulled down acrossed the highway and we were routing traffic out of town and acrossed some backroads to get around it. About 20 minutes into the incident a vehicle pulled up next to our engine which was blocking the road and asked what was going on. The engineer informed the woman that there was a live wire on the roadway and we had it blocked off. Her response was 'wonderfull' and she slammed her foot on the accelerator shooting around our engine and went sailing down the street to her house (which was just past the live wire). On her way she nearly hit our local police Chief and blew past a county officer who were both out of there vehicles.

    Two of our guys have a court date for her trial coming up soon. She won't be driving for a while and I am not sure what else they have on her but she is definately getting into something for her impatience.

    Stay safe out there guys!!

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    i personally like a taser. The blue canaries can be pretty cool sometimes.
    (thats for extreme cases)

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