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    I work literally 100' from the interstate just outside of ATL, and we have had to shut down the interstate several times....FD is in charge of things until it is completely clear.. PD or not...It doesnt matter... if that inconveniences anyone then that is their problem for not planning ahead.. I have more important things to do. If someone threatens ME with legal action for doing my job, I will be more than happy to ask PD, SO, or GSP to go after them to see what their issue is...not to mention the deck gun option....

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    We just had a situation similar to the one posted by Gotdesl...

    A power line had been pulled down acrossed the highway and we were routing traffic out of town and acrossed some backroads to get around it. About 20 minutes into the incident a vehicle pulled up next to our engine which was blocking the road and asked what was going on. The engineer informed the woman that there was a live wire on the roadway and we had it blocked off. Her response was 'wonderfull' and she slammed her foot on the accelerator shooting around our engine and went sailing down the street to her house (which was just past the live wire). On her way she nearly hit our local police Chief and blew past a county officer who were both out of there vehicles.

    Two of our guys have a court date for her trial coming up soon. She won't be driving for a while and I am not sure what else they have on her but she is definately getting into something for her impatience.

    Stay safe out there guys!!

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    i personally like a taser. The blue canaries can be pretty cool sometimes.
    (thats for extreme cases)

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