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    Default Cool software for hazmat (freeware)

    This software is really easy to use and allows look up by unn or chemical name. includes placards etc and runs on any machine. They did a great job on this one up in Canada

    Here's a link to download if your interested.


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    Check out this one:


    Also a freeware, the ERG 2008 is included and it has more features, including a map and a lot of technical data on the products (properties, medical, hazmat, environment...)

    Hope you'll like it.

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    Looks like unpaid for advertising to me! read the terms of use.

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    Default new link

    sorry, had to break the above link (other downloads needed to be behind the log in screen.) Here is the direct link to the TC to download the guide. The server seems to stop sending occasionally but if it fails, just hit retry and it will come up.


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