Can any of the folks here from Milwaukee comment on this situation?

Let me preface this by saying that I cannot remember where I heard this. Being so close to Milwaukee there could be any number of ways I heard this, so please excuse me if this is bulls**t.

The story goes that a Milwaukee firefighter was riding in the rear of an engine en route to a call, unbelted and standing up. The firefighter sustained a minor injury when he / she lost balance in the moving engine.

The city denied the workmans comp claim on the basis that the injury happened while breaking the law ( no seatbelt ). The union was not able to overturn the decision.

I am asking because of the reason for claim denial. I have not heard of such a thing before, and I am then lead to wonder how far this may go. Fail to follow any rule and claim denied.

Any information given will be used constructively by my dept. It is not my desire to start one of those threads where we all end up shooting at one another.