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    Default High School fire prevention and safety presentation?

    Has anyone ever taken a fire prevention and/or safety program to high school students? Read somewhere that we teach 'lil' kids, but forget the big ones. Around here many households have teenagers in charge of the house for long periods of the day, watching over siblings or their own children. I am thinking that this may be a good group to focus some efforts on.
    Do any out there have thoughts, ideas or experiences with this type of program?
    Given the great "knowledge and experience" of todays' young adults, are we to expect a bunch of lip or interest?
    Thanks for any comments made.

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    We've done the "mock crash" scenario a few times.

    Here's the newspaper account of the most recent one.

    Steve Dragon
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    Thanks dragonfyre.
    Have worked on a few of those with the county Rescue Squad, it is a good presentation. We are looking for classroom/assembly presentations along the lines of: escape plans; meeting places; get out stay out; etc. Just wondering if any had done this for the "teenage" kids and had success or frustrations. Also think it might have a recruiting side benefit. Getting older now!

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    Perhaps involving fire safety and alcohol. That tends to be a big college fire prevention deal.

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    Default resources

    check out these resources from Texas. I found them to be very thorough and quite useful...


    -Aaron J.

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    Make sure it is informative, interactive and enjoyable! Involve young people and they will want to interact with the trainer.

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