Thread: Onto 2009 SAFER

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    Default Onto 2009 SAFER

    FSC is done time to start the readiness for SAFER.

    Anyone know exactly the details of this years SAFER, like is it a 2 or 4 year no match?

    What else are the changes?

    Brian and Kurt u ready to go?

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    I'm ready to go for beer and fajitas, that's all I know. Bike left WI on Monday so should be here soon, been inside the house for last 92 hours only out to the mailbox once. Need some air.

    It's a 2 year match wave so the last 3 are still local paying 50%, 70%, 100%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC79er View Post
    Bike left WI on Monday so should be here soon,
    So what road trip you got planned with that nice FF bike? Seems like that should be your ticket to paradise.........
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    Default estimated SAFER date

    Without me looking, when can we expect SAFER to open?

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    Gonna probably be at least until September, with the rewrites of the program for the rehiring changes.

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