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    Default a couple questions

    do airport FFs make more or less money then city FFs. and do you have to go to a special place to train to become an airport FF?

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    Yes, or No. Sometimes. Maybe.

    Firefighters in places where the local Government Fire Department also provides airport coverage will pay the same, since the Firefighters come from that City's Fire Department. Other Airports that are operated by an Independent Airport Authority are anyone's guess. they may pay more, or less.

    Training is provided by the Local Airport's system. Some Universities offer Airport CFR Training, but I'd advise you to avoid ANY traning that is not provided by your employer.

    In other words, NEVER spend your own money for training. Get hired, then your job has to pay for your training, and you get paid while in training as well.
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    Default Airport FF Jobs

    Hi. I have noticed several Airport recently recruiting for FF at $50,000+. DOD pays around the sma with more hours. The key is to advance, get as much training and education, and move up the food chain. Check out this site:


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    Default Airport FF Pay

    My first fire service job was at a Naval Air Station that had one crash station and three structural stations. Many of the firefighters were military veterans with zero training. I was state certified but at that time (1989) it was not a hiring requirement. I thought this very odd, but in reality they had very few fires. The prevention staff was 20% of the total department and they were required to be state certified (I learned early in my career that prevention efforts work).

    Pay was average when compared to the local communities. However I did wotk a 72 hour workweek. At the time I didn't care - I was happy being a firefighter. I now have come full circle and work at an airport again. No special training (other than state firefighter certification) but we do send members to ARFF schools when the budget permits. Pay is again average when compared to local communities but higher ranks are very well paid.

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