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    Default Going Out West

    I am a 5yr active member of a Rural VFD in Northern WI and would love the opportunity to get into wild land forest fighting, but I cant seem to find anyone that can tell me how to get there or at least pointed in the right direction. Keep in mind I have just started to look into this and am planning on going and talking to our local DNR Ranger but wanted to ask and see if anyone here would be willing to help point me in the right direction. Thanks to all ahead of time.

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    Most of the guys in my area get their start on Forest Service work crews that also serve as Type 2 Hand Crews. Those jobs get posted on Federal jobs websites starting in Jan-Feb. They are usually full by now.

    Forest Service and BLM seasonal engine crews are hired from the same websites.

    In my region there are quite a few private contractors looking for crew members too. Mostly Type 4 and 6 engines, water tenders and hand crews. I don't know where most of them advertise, usually hear about them via word of mouth. I have seen a few ads on

    Most of the contractors I know are small family run companies. There are companies that a poorly run and there are companies that are extremely professional.

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    What KD said.
    "The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action."

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    KD is right. There are private contactors that run a tight professional company and are highly respected even by many federal agencies, however there are many that cobble equipment & crews together and have "less PRIDE" so to say than others.

    Just so you know my wife & I are private contractors. Operate Type 6's out of Montana.

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    Default Talk to your local Ranger

    Yes go talk to your local Ranger. In Wi we now do what is called and LTE Firefighter it used to be called a Rider.. Its Seasonal here and Scheduled for 10 weeks. They post their hiring in the early spring on the DNR's web site under seasonal jobs. Also if they have an LTE lined up you may be able to fill in on a call when needed basis. Do you have any training? If you do good. If not talk to the Ranger he can send you in the right direction. If you get no help there let me know. I've got 17 yrs here in Wi. as a "Rider" I can help you out if needed.

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