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    Default Ride alongs?

    Hey all Im new to the forum so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but i figured it would be. Anyone know of any Fire departments offering ride alongs in the Joliet-New lenox Area?


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    Default Ride alongs

    I just finished my EMT-B class in Chicago at Malcolm X. Normally when you're in a schooling program there are ride alongs offered. I was able to ride along with ATI ambulance and with Chicago. But that is through the school. From my understanding from friends is that fire departments don't really offer engine ride alongs...only if you are in a fire fighting class and you are doing it for training reasons. OR you have to know someone really really high up in a dept. Just my understanding of how it works...especially in Chicago.

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    The only dept. I know of for sure is St. Louis City. If they are still doing it at all.

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    Ride time is not hard to come by. I have a friend who is a medic with Chicago. I asked him, he asked his captain, and that was that. I was able to do a 24 shift without having to fill out tons of forms or do any physical exams.

    I know Lombard requires you to have some hep-b shots and proof of some others, but thats not too hard to get. From my experience, most departments don't have many issues with ride alongs. Call around and ask; what's the worse that would happen? They say no?

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    St. Louis city let's you ride all you have to do is get a letter from your fire chief saying it is okay. Then you pick your day and the truck you want to ride on and you sign a waver the day of and you are good to go.

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