Hello All,

I am not a firefighter but my father is.

The reason why I signed up on this forum is because I went to the Harrisburg, PA Muster this past Saturday with him. He drove his friends 1966 Mack fire engine up and I rode with him up there from Baltimore. I am not big into firefighter things but this was a great experience!

I tried to post some pictures in the thread for the Harrisburg Muster but I guess they have to be approved first before everyone gets to see them. My question for you all is why are you only allowed to post 6 pictures per post? That's very low in my opinion.. I use photobucket for my host so I can post alot more than 6 pictures per post but the forum does not allow. Oh well not a big deal.

My father has an email account on here but is not that good with the computer/forums so I am sure he has never posted on the forums before. He is a retired Baltimore County (MD) career firefighter and is currently still an active Baltimore County Volunteer firefighter at Station 220 (Middle River).

I am pretty much here to post pictures of the Harrisburg Muster and to look at others pictures.