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    Talking Florida's new fire inspector qualifications???

    After a fire a few weeks ago, I met up with a state fire marshal in the Pensacola area and he told me that in order to get certified in the state of florida as a LIFE SAFETY INSPECTOR, you will have to take a POST BLAST INVESTIGATIONS class. This is my question even the state fire marshal didn't have an answer: WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE POST BLAST INVESTIGATION class for LSI I.

    PS. I don't mind taking the class it's my job. It's been bothering us at the fd. Kinda like when you stay awake ALL NIGHT trying to figure out what the was the name of that one song, you heard about 15 hours ago?

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    I would check with Susan Shell at the Fire College in Ocala. This is the first I have heard about it.I would also check with the standard council advisory committee.

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    ... because Florida is the cutting edge of .... stupidity ..... (sometimes) ... somebody sitting behind a desk somewhere thought it would be a good idea. Most of the time if you show them its a bad idea, and how its a bad idea .. they will have to admit they are wrong. Not gonna happen toooo often.

    Reading about firefighters, in Florida, having to get a chauffeurs license to drive a fire truck ... shouldn't we just be exempt? Oh well.

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