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    Default What should we carry in our PFD's?

    Our department will be buying Stears I4185 SAR PFD's for every riding position. We will be using them for shore-based rescue and to support boat operations by neighboring departments. Right now, I'm looking at two locking carabiners, a 15-foot piece of webbing, knife, whistle, and a 70-75 foot throwbag (NFPA compliant) for each PFD. We will probably use lightsticks instead of strobes for markers. Just wondering if anyone would/does carry anything else? Thanks in advance.

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    You might also think of having a water rescue helmet for each position too, as most injuries incurred with water rescue are head injuries. I realize you are just doing shore based rescue but most shores along rivers and lakes are uneven and muddy ground and you can easily fall. We carry adjustable ones from Pro-Tec in the large to XL size as most of our crews fit into this size the best plus we carry one small -medium on each rig in case someone has a small head or for the victim. Another thing you may want to carry are polypropylene gloves.

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    Try using the 30 minute high intensity chemlights. Attach two of them to each vest. Consider an actual flashlight as well. A true light suited for water environments.

    Maybe some prussick slings also.

    Dont forget a few vests for the victims.
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