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    Default Firefighter/Paramedic

    Some questions for those of you who are in a fed dept. that has upgraded to paramedic service:

    1. Are your medics cross-trained as firefighters?
    2. How is your paramedic service configured- ALS engine and box, ALS box only, etc.
    3. If ALS engines, are they riding engines as a regular assignment or just as fill ins?
    4. Is your fire chief generally supporting paramedics in the role of firefighter or a just paying lip service to it- that is, making them 081 on paper but not letting them gain actual time riding backwards?

    If you answer, please please please, include which base you're at.

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    My Brother is a Capt. for Fort Lewis Fire Dept. Soon to be Joint Base Lewis McChord. They have Firefighter Paramedics that are 0081 series and ride the trucks and are firefighters. They were firefighters first who went through the training. Madigen Hospital at Lewis still sends a Paramedic Box to transport. If call is bad enough Firefighter Paramedic from Engine will ride in Madigen ALS unit. I'm not sure what GS they are, I think GS-9 / 0081
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    According to OPM's POSITION CLASSIFICATION STANDARD FOR FIRE PROTECTION AND PREVENTION SERIES, GS-0081, this is taken from the last page of the document:

    In addition to the firefighter duties and responsibilities described at the GS-05 firefighter level and the Firefighter (Intermediate Life Support) GS-08 level, positions at this level follow protocols in providing advanced life support. In performing emergency procedures, the firefighter:
    • Provides advanced or detailed patient assessment by conducting a systematic physical examination of the patient’s condition and determines treatment methods;
    • Performs electrocardiology procedures to include:
    – Taking and interpreting electrocardiograms (EKG);
    – Performing manual defibrillation; and
    – Providing Transcutaneous external pacing.
    • Performs advanced and invasive airway procedures that may include;
    – Needle or surgical cricothyrotomy;
    – Pleural decompression;
    – Endotracheal intubation;
    – Nasal intubation;
    – Application of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP); or
    – Automatic transport ventilator devices.
    • Performs advanced assessment and treatment of the pediatric patient to include infant and neonatal resuscitation;
    • Performs emergency childbirth and care for the newborn;
    • Completes invasive procedures such as endotracheal intubation and intravenous therapy;
    • Administers medications and solutions orally or intravenously under the direction of standing orders (protocols) or of an off-site physician;
    – Calculates patient medication doses considering such factors as potential interaction with other medications, concentration of drugs immediately available, patient weight, dose prescribed by the written protocol, and method of delivery;
    – Documents drugs administered and provides information to the hospital or medical provider either while in transit or upon arrival; and
    – Observes and documents the effects of drugs administered.
    • Uses and maintains care of emergency equipment such as specialized kits and bags, backboards, suction devices, splints, stretchers, oxygen delivery systems, and monitoring equipment. Ensures proper disposal of biohazard materials. Replaces used intravenous (IV) needles and solutions, linens, blankets, and other expendable supplies. Maintains the currency, inventory, and proper control of authorized on-hand medications as dictated by the appropriate overseeing medical authority.

    ref: www.opm.gov/fedclass/gs0081.pdf

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    Thanks guys... I know the 0081 PD well, but what I need to know is of those depts with FF/PMs, which ones are actually utilizing their PMs as FFs. Not just occasionally to meet staffing, but on a regular, scheduled basis. In other words, totally integrating ALS with Fire.

    So far I've heard the following depts are doing so:

    Ft. Lewis
    Camp Lejeune
    Ft. Carson

    Who else?

    Thanks again.

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    bump. anyone else?

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    Camp pendleton, fed fire, combat center, army base in Dublin ca.

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