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    Default Looking for an N6a Sam Houston

    Does anyone know where to find a new or slightly used Sam Houston for a good price. It has to be the N6a because my fire department requires it to be NFPA compliant. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    There's a few on eBay. Don't expect any bargains on a leather lid.

    Many years ago (prolly 1991 or so), I bought a VERY well-used N5A at the Houston Fire Museum. I don't know if they still sell used helmets there, and I don't know if Houston has switched to N6A or not.

    After discussions with Cairns over the phone, I sent it to them for repairs. Several weeks later, I called back and found out they lost it. They sent me a new N6A1, which was nice in that I got a brand-new, shiny, compliant leather helmet- but the old one (which I wanted for the wall anyway) had a lot more character.

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    On sale at thefirestore.com right now. $73-$82 off. Their prices are pretty good to begin with. I bought one (deluxe with goggles) last week and am very happy with it.

    I was watching them on eBay and they all were topping out at $430-$435. For less than $100 more you can get a new one with ability to return if there was a problem with it in the configuration you want.
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