Hello Everyone...

My name is Erin McNulty and Im a 911 Dispatcher/Call Taker for St Tammany Fire District 12 in Covington, LA. Iam currently enrolled in a Fire Science Class through LSU.

We are currently working on a project and I was trying to get some input or some help from fellow dispatchers.

This project is about benchmarking.

I have to find a department whose organization is where we are now.... but 5 years ago.

To compare, I complied some facts about our organization today:
- We are a secondary PSAP
- 12 employees
- Dispatch for 10 fire districts which includes 2 that run ALS EMS
- have a budget of approx 1 mill
- our population is 260,000
- call volume of approx 12,000 calls per year

Iam looking for departments that were similar to where we are today, just 5 years ago. This is because we are trying to find out where we could possibly be in the next 5 years.

If and when I can get a similar department.. I have some specific questions I need answered:
- Budget??
- Entry Level Pay of Employees??
- Any benefits??
- The rank and structure of the department??
- What changes did yall incur during the past 5 years??
- Manpower or Employees???
- How are you funded??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!!