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    Default ice/cold water rescue

    we are looking into getting some gear for cold water/ ice rescue and want to know what other departments have and what works we are on a river and have some small ponds also. just looking to see what we should get or some ideas.

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    I'm an Ice Resuce Insturctor and here is what we carry on each of our Engines, Truck and Rescue Squad.
    1- Ice rescue Suit
    1- 200ft polypropylene rope in a double ended bag one end set up to use with a large carabiner to go around person and the other end set up to use a rescue sling on. and an ice screw
    1- set of ice cleats
    1 -throw bag 75 ft of rope
    2- PFDs with whistle and kniife (for shore tenders to wear)
    3 -water rescue helemts ( for Shore tenders and rescuer to wear)
    1- Ice rescue sling
    We also have a dog catchers pole with a snare loop on the end to use for rescuing dogs from the ice so no one gets bitten.This is carried on our rescue squad.
    We have a Zodiac boat too that can be used for reaching people far out on the ice. We take the motor off in the winter.

    A couple of our neighboring departments have the Oceanid boat or banana boat as I like to call it. Plus one dept has the ice rescue sled by MARSARS and on has the Rescue Alive sled.
    We are surrounded on three sides by the Mississippi and Rock Rivers plus we have several small lakes and ponds in our territory.

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    Default Couble more questions

    thanks um we are looking into helping the other town near buy would it be better to get more than one suit or what do u think just trying to get everything right in our department we want to always do it right and not just kinda right

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