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    I've just bought a boat which has a fixed CO2 system with a 45kg bottle to the engine room. My fire engineer has told me that he thinks the engine room area is to big for the system to be effective.

    Two possible solutions I have come up with are to box the engine in with a steel frame and removable checker plate panels with an automatic CO2 system but I will not be aware of the system being activated so the engine will continue to run, draw in air and possibly reignite. My other thought is a hose nozzle driven by a water pressure pump but I'm not sure how effective water is on a diesel fire?

    Any thoughts?


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    Just dumb looks here, but is there any chance you could use Novec as a replacement for carbon dioxide? It's a 3M replacement for Halon; it has a number of benefits, but I don't know if it would be cost-effective for your application as I've never priced it out. Good luck!

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but if a CO2 systems is discharged in the area of the engine intake, I would figure on the engine stalling out.
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