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    Question Helmets

    so im sure there has already been one on this but lemme start a new one.

    what kinda helmets does your dept let jrs wear. i know in my dept we have to wear yellow tupperware til were out of fire school, but the other two depts in my town let the jrs/probies where traditional style.

    pics would be cool as well
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    Our juniors are given the spare firefighter's helmets. Traditional in style and black in color, same as the firefighter. They are free to purchase any type of helmet they want, regardless of type or color. We have several who have bought leathers recently, and everyone has stayed with black. Also, any explorer is free to purchase whatever leather shield they may please.

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    Default helmets

    my company gives our juniors the same helmet to wear that all of the senior FF's have the only exception is the have to have Red stripes on them to allow everyone when you go into another companies area that you are a junior/probie.
    or you can buy your own leather helmet. always an option

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    When I was an explorer we were issued black Morning Pride Ben2Plus helmets once we were off probation. (This was after the dept. switched to Black 1044s)

    Probies are issued yellow tactical tupperware.
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