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    Default Minitor 3 question

    ok i looked all over the web and i cant find the answer to this anyway. i have a the minitor 3 with the 4 channels. if u hold the sqealch down and turn the pager on in chanel one the A the red light stays on and it if push the button again it switches back and forth between the yellow and red light. if you do the same on channel B the alternate back and forth... i know either C or D is supposed to make it ready to be reprogrammed so i dont want to try messing with those im afraid ill reset it. can someone tell me what it doing when u do any of this? thanks

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    OK, be a little more specific as to what your looking to do? If your trying to reprogram it then turn the channel to "C", then hold down the squelch button while turning the unit on. I have no idea on the other sequencies you described.

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