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    Default Well fought fire

    I am not good w/ the computer so go to youtube.com and type in Jersey City Fire Wegman Av.

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    Not sure who owned that camera, DEA? FBI? NJJTTF?

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    That video reminded me of the three stooges.

    Not the actions, but the fast playback speed...
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    Probably just a traffic surveillance camera.

    Those guys know what they are doing, they had that thing knocked down quickly after arrival thanks to a swift interior attack.

    Alternative answers for certain people:
    They should have used the deck gun
    It was a total loss from the beginning

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    That's two blocks from E-22/TL-4. They were starting to move in when a large section of the top floor public hall collapsed onto them. The captain was considerably burned on the back of his neck, and the crew was flattened out. The captain called an "urgent, collapse with members down". With the urgent call and collapse the chief went for the second alarm as a precaution. Other than that it would have been a normal all hands in that area. Also, after the collapse the members of E-22 picked themselves up and still had first water on the fire. The empty lot on the corner was a similar 3-frame that had a considerable fire but ended up being a grounder.

    Wegman & M. L. King Drive

    E-22, E-19, E-8, E-13...TL-4, L-8, Res-1, Bn-2 on the box.

    It's a JCPD surveilance camera. It has nothing to do with the flow of automobile traffic. There are several in that area.

    The guy outside had E-22's trash line and was going to hit the outside shingles he thought the inside guys couldn't get.
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