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    I am an 18 year volunteer firefighter, who joined a rural fire company in 2007 (Bennington Volunteer Fire Company) between Buffalo and Rochester, NY. We have a very limited budget, as we our mostly agricultural, a big change from what I am use to. I went from answering approximately 650 calls a year to 75-100. We have a small firehouse, and no day room. We have an office/ officers room/ everyone room. I am trying to decorate it by starting a fire patch collection. I am looking to create a border using patches and building down from there. I am hoping some members on here could help us on our way, with our patch collection endeavor. I do not have the budget to send out any patches in return (although I wish I could), but maybe at somepoint in time, I would have more resources to do so. If any firefighter/ officer would like to add your patch to our NEW collection, we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time..Please email if any questions: jimkelly101901@aol.com

    Jim Dick, Lt.

    Bennington Volunteer Fire Company
    Attn: Jim Dick, Lt.
    1353 Clinton Street
    Attica, NY 14001
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