So I have been in the process of trying to go over to Iraq and have Proboard certs in FF I/II Fire Instructor I and I needed Hazmat FRO. I did nnot have the cert but recently took the exam and now I am certified. Just recieved a call stating the DOD needs my certification for Hazmat Awareness. My question is FRO is trained to the level of and then above so why do i need Awareness level? Below is directly from NFPA 472

Chapter 5 Competencies for the First Responder
at the Operational Level
5.1 General.
5.1.1 Introduction. First responders at the operational level shall be
trained to meet all competencies at the first responder awareness
levels and the competencies of this chapter.

Now that being said I have been told to get a letter from the state fire academy stating such. I am sure that will be some red tape fiasco for a letter...

Who ever thought this would be a challenge?